The IT producer - Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

Blend in 60's Motown, Big Band, soul into present Hip-Hop, Mark Ronson is one out of many "White" hip hop producer/ DJ nowadays that I probably like the most. Maybe it's the catchy sound, maybe it's the ingenius hybrid factor. Who cares if he's stealing from the olders? Who cares if he's a sell-out? Maybe he has little staying power and that's in the future to see. Right now he's making a name of himself as the busiest producer working in the circle right now.

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own

Candie Payne - One More Chance

Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen - Oh My God

Mark Ronson ft. Ghostface, Trife & Nate Dogg - Ooh Wee